a r c h i p e l a g o

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Curatorial Studio

We  research the visual arts
to conceive curatorial projects and educational programmes.

We work with public and private organisations, 
institutions, brands, universities, galleries, collections, collectors, graphic designers and artists.

We have collaborated with: 

BASE (Milan)
Centre Photographique Marseille 
Flowers Gallery (London)
Materia Gallery (Roma)
MC2 Gallery (Milan)
Mecanic (Barcelona)
MIA Fair (Milan)
Minimum (Palermo)
n-contemporary (Milan)
òbelo÷ (Milan)
Peckham 24 (London)
PH Museum
pic.london (London)
Roz Barr Gallery (London)
Secession Vienna (Vienna)
T14 Contemporary (Milan)

Our projects have been supported by:

Arts Council England
Das Weisse Haus
Fedrigoni Papers
GF Smith
Institut Francais
The Austrian ChancelleryMilan)

a r c h i p e l a g o
was founded in 2015
by Magali Avezou,
in London.

Currently based in Milan,
we work Europe wide.