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archipelago is a curatorial studio
interested in the frictions between disciplines and alternative exhibition devices.

It operates primarily from the field of photography, through multiple lenses,
from graphic design to social sciences, performance to publishing.

The studio was founded in 2015, by Magali Avezou, in London.

Please get in touch by writing to magali@archipelagoprojects.com

Thanks to

Arts Council England
Das Weisse Haus
Fedrigoni Papers
GF Smith
Institut Français
The Austrian Chancellery


Cameron Tidball-Sciullo
Chris Littlewood
Davide Meneghello
Elisa Noguera
Jan Krecji
James Newton
Lois Mooney
Niccolò Fano,
Michela Palermo
Monika Orpik
Olivier Omeyade
Rossana Esposito
Sarah Wilson
Sayako Sugawara
Zoe Zanetas.