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Binding and the Centre-fold

Artist Book Cooperative (ABC).
September 2017

Through re-appropriating family photographs from the Internet, the Artist Book Cooperative (ABC) invites  to experiment with found imagery to create a photobook. 

Image credits: Louis Porter/publication.

Using only a black and white printer to produce low-res images on everyday materials, the group edit and sequence the images, taking into consideration the centerfold, to produce the following book.

Through the use of found imagery the workshop reflects upon appropriation of images, family identity, and contemporary representations in the era of smart phone cameras and social media. By using the Internet as the source for the images and re-purposing them, the workshop questions what it is to be a photographer today.

ABC [Artists’ Books Cooperative] is an international group of artists seeking to create, engage, and communicate on issues concerning self-publishing. Founded in 2009, the cooperative has been at the heart of a number of shows heralding a new age of photography and of artists' self-publishing projects.