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Critical Research

Photography Course

This course aims at developing a photography related body of work critically routed in research. Over 12 sessions, students are invited to develop their critical thinking, to build a corpus of references and resources and achieve a methodology to research a topic in order to create a strong project.

The course equally articulates theory, through lectures; practice through workshops and the development of a personal project; and self-assessment, through collective tutorials and regular feedback. Students are guided into planning an art project from defining a research topic to resolving the outcomes. They are introduced into elaborating a system to keep track of their progress and writing about their practice. 

The programme is based around a critical consideration of the image in the wild field of visual culture. Students will be encouraged to widen their research outside of the photography medium and to develop a practice that relates flexibly to technologies and genres. The final Body of Work may thus be strictly photography based or integrate other medium such as video, installation, performance, web-based art… but always referring to the notion of image.

Course taught on the 2nd Year BA Photography at IED Milan (Italy) and Escola Massana (Spain).