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The studio conceives public programmes and workshops
for universities, festivals, fairs, galleries... 

Magali Avezou (archipelago’s founder) is Associate Lecturer
at London College of Communication (UK) and Istituto Europeo di Design (Italy).

Selection of Lectures and Workshops:

The Space of the Digital (Lecture) - BA Photography - London College of Communication (UK)  - February 2020
Printed Matters: The Book as Artistic Medium
(Lecture)- Photofusion  (UK) - November 2019
On Curation (Workshop)
- BA Photography - University of the Creative Arts - Farnham (UK) - October 2019
Espaces de livres
(Discussion chairing) - Institut pour la Photographie - (France) - October 2019
Publication as Exhibition Space
- (Talk) - MA Photography - London College of Communication (UK) - June 2019
Publication and Performance
(Lecture/ Workshop) - Royal College of Arts (UK)- May 2018
Independent Publishing
(Lecture)- Northampton University (UK) - November 2017