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Performing Lines



ISIA Urbino

Performative workshop

This workshop series deviced by òbelo÷ aims at testing a performative approach to visual arts education, exploring a way of experiencing graphics spatially, through the body.


Within its two editions, each group of students has been invited to design an exercise reenacting a particular concept of line, based on the words and practice of a different artist. The result is a multifaceted collection of replicable actions embodying a wide range of ‘line concepts’ by a growing list of authors including Pierrette Bloch, Marcel Duchamp, Adrian Frutiger, Gego, Paul Klee, Sol LeWitt, Henri Michaux and John Ruskin.

of Permanent

15 - 17  November 2018

The Art Chapter
BASE Milano

Performative workshop

A happening imagined by students from IED Milano
with òbelo÷ and a r c h i p e l a g o
for The Art Chapter book fair at BASE Milano

Come and join the INSTITUTE OF PERMANENT CREATION, a blank zone where art, life and learning coexist on a plane of free exchange and creation, as imagined by Robert Filliou in Teaching and Learning as Performing Arts (1970).

You are invited to interact with three stations:

Is Whatever I Say Irrelevant If It Does Not Incite You To Add Your Voice To Mine?
Take your time to read Filliou’s book and take part to an open dialogue by giving your comments and opinion.

What Would You Get Rid Of?
Exchange words to update Filliou’s interactive Collective Poem (1963) displayed on the wall.

What’s Happening?
Join at any time a rule-free playground and participate to the drawing happenings.


Binding and the Centre-fold

Artist Book Cooperative (ABC).
September 2017

Over a two sessions workshop, the Artist Book Cooperative (ABC) introduced participants to book-making techniques. Through re-appropriating family photographs from the Internet, the collective will invite you to experiment with found imagery to create a photobook. They will teach you about all the aspects of the artist book from conceptual side of the subject matter to the physical nature of the book as an object.

Image credits: Louis Porter/publication.

Using only a black and white printer to produce low-res images on everyday materials we will go on to editing and sequencing the images, taking into consideration the centerfold, to produce the following book. You will learn basic book binding techniques in order to produce a publication. Information sheets will be supplied for you to produce your own publications in the future.

Through the use of found imagery the workshop will reflect upon appropriation of images, family identity, and contemporary representations in the era of smart phone cameras and social media. By using the Internet as the source for the images and re-purposing them, the workshop questions what it is to be a photographer today.

ABC [Artists’ Books Cooperative] is an international group of artists seeking to create, engage, and communicate on issues concerning self-publishing. Founded in 2009, the cooperative has been at the heart of a number of shows heralding a new age of photography and of artists' self-publishing projects.

Zoom Zines

Sayako Sugawara
September 2017

For Photofusion, Sayako Sugawara imagined a one-day fanzine workshop for young people. They played with magazines’ imagery to create their own narrative.
Sayako  is an artist working with photography and books. 

Courses and Talks

2019Critical Research- BA Photography - Istituto Europeo di Design Milan - (Italy)
Contemporary Photography - Central Saint Martins (UK)
Artes Visuales y Fotografía Contemporánea - Escola Massana (Spain)

Common Narrative - Book Workshop - Si Fest / IED - Milan (Italy)
I am not myself (Emma's Encyclopedia) - Book Workshop - BA Photography - Potsmouth University (UK)
Portfolio Review - BA Photography - Potsmouth University (UK)
Lecture on Artists' Books - MA Writing - Royal College of Arts - London (UK)
Lecture on Artists' Books - BA Arts - Istituto Marangoni - Florence (Italy)
Critical Research - BA Photography - Istituto Europeo di Design Milan - (Italy)
Introduction to Contemporary Photography and Visual Arts - Escola Massana - Barcelona (Spain)

Curator Talk - The Photobook Club - Piu Libri Piu Liberi (Italy)
Lecture on Artists' Books - BA Fine Art - Northampton University (UK)
Tutorials - MA Photography - London College of Communication (UK)
Lecture on Artists' Books - Istituto Europeo di Design (Italy)
Lecturer - Visual Arts - Escola Massana (Spain)
Contributor - MA Book Art - Camberwell College of Arts (UK)
Curator Talk - Photofusion (UK)
Curator Talk - Vienna Photobook Festival (Austria)

Visiting Lecturer and Tutor - BA Graphic Arts - Winchester School of Arts (UK)

Curator Talk - MA Photography - London College of Communication (UK)



2016 - Curator in residence - Das Weisse Haus (Austria)


Vienna Photoboook Festival (Austria) - 2017
Sproxton Award (UK) - 2016