Lewis Bush
Stefano Canto
Camille Lévêque
Alejandro Marote
Giuseppe Di Mattia
Liz Orton
Matthew Swarts
Masaru Takahashi
Dafna Talmor
Fossi Vegue

Immanence looks at “photography” from the perspective of a philosophy of the image.

Photographs are ubiquitous, constantly circulating and transferring  information. In post-modernity or the post-truth era, can photography still be a medium able to reflect upon our time? To translate what so often is withdrawn from our sight, hidden, concealed from public knowledge? To communicate the sensorial, the intangibility of feelings, the ambivalence of perception?

This exhibition proposes a look at artists using photography to reflect upon the ambiguity of vision. In their research, they twist the representative nature of the image to explore what is not visible. They look at themes such as the complication of communicating, the fleeting affects, the fragmentation of experiences, political secrets, prostitution, the relationship to our inner body, visual love, and social conventions.

The exhibition was conceived for PhMuseum and is visible here.