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to Contemporary Photography

Magali Avezou


August and December 2020
Central Saint Martins College


This course introduces participants to contemporary art photography and give them the opportunity to develop a personal project informed by current debates.

Credit: Magali Avezou
We will look at the recent history of the medium and how photography is a pivotal tool to understand Today's visual and digital culture. This approach will aim at informing participants' practice and a significant amount of time will be dedicated to working on a critical framework for their personal projects.

During 5 days, students will be introduced to the main topics and major orientations in this field since 30 years such as conceptual photography, narrative photography, strategies of appropriation and re-enactment, changes related to technical evolution and the notion of image in the digital age. In addition, it will present key notions and artists such as Cindy Sherman and Jeff Wall who have contributed to make photography what it is today.

The aim of the course is to give the participants an overview on current art photography while helping them develop their own practice. The sessions will lead the students to develop a critical approach and articulate a discourse around their own work. This collaborative process aims to create a group dynamic that can persist once the course is over.

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