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Palms and Lines


Temporary bookshop 

13th December 2019 - 30th January 2020

For the luxurious textile company Dedar, archipelago has curated a selection of (artists’) books on Palm trees and Palms Springs as a  winter cabinet.

Palms, associated with sun and exoticism, have long been a motif for artists such as Ed Ruscha who published in 1971 an artists’ book called “A Few Palm Trees”. Unequivocally associated with L.A.’s landscape, it is also visually correlated with modern architecture, especially with Palm Springs.

The Californian resort established in the early XXth century has promptes many fantasies due to its glamorous inhabitants and exceptional landscape. It has also been the scenery of a great modern architecture burst thanks to film stars moving in and building new houses with some of the most interesting architects from the 30’s to the 70’s.

The present selection of “printed matters” functions as a cosmology, around these two opposite elements; one natural, symbol for escapism and tropicalism, the other one embodying men’s functionalism and mastering of technologies.

Palms and Lines displays 30 publications, some in limited editions, including loose associations and digressions on the topic.

Palms and Lines
Dedar Showroom 
Via Fiori Chiari 18