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2015 - Present

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burning with pleasure is an on-going project looking at artists using publishing as part of their practice.

a r c h i p e l a g o researches printed matters and explore the connections with other art forms and unusual environment.

This results in exhibitions, performances, installations, workshops and talks in a diversity of environment, from fairs and galleries settings to haidresser salon.

The project aims to give an overview of the dynamic production of artists’ books internationally today, promote the work of emerging artists and publishers, and foster reflection on the book as an artistic medium.

The selection evolves and expands with each new presentation, incorporating new books and installations, artists and publishers in order to create lines of connection and dialogue.

Since 2016, artist Lalu Delbracio has created site-specific performances taking place during the exhibitions. By exploring the relation between two-dimensional printed matters, the space and the body, this collaboration draws new lines of enquiries and supports the development of the artist’s research.

The project has been supported by Arts Council England, the Austrian Chancellery, Fedrigoni Papers, G. F. Smith and Das Weisse Haus.

Image Credits: Jan Krejci and Lawrence Oluyede