Artists’ books, special editions, independent edition, self-publishing…
These are the many words embracing a practice and phenomena taking a new dimension in recent years. Today as in the 1960s, self-publishing is a simple way for artists to share their work. But most importantly, they find in the book a format to explore through its technical resources: the image, the paper and the size.

The exhibition "burning with pleasure #3" displayed a selection of innovative works created from around the world. At Seen Fifteen, the exhibition gathers 80 books coming from countries as diverse as Mexico, China and Italy. At Photofusion, a display of work in progress presented the different steps and trials carried out by artists in the process of making a book.

Public Programme:

8/9 - 6.30 pm - Seen Fifteen

Bookmaking workshop with the Artists Book Cooperative.
10 /9 - Photofusion

Book advice sessions.
12/ 9 - Photofusion

Talk: On making and distributing books - Magali Avezou, Lewis Bush and Christiane Monarchi.
14/ 9 - 7pm Photofusion

Zoom Zines Bookmaking workshop for age 8–13 with Sayako Sugawara.
16/9 Photofusion

Talk: On contemporary artists’ publications - Fraser Muggeridge.
19/ 9 - 7pm Seen Fifteen

Talk: On artists’ books from The Secession - Andreas Reiter Raabe.
28/9 - 7pm Seen Fifteen

Printed Matters - A discussion on economics for Artlicks Week-end with: Lewis Chaplin (Loose Joints), Edward and James Newton (Highchair Editions) and Federica Chiocchetti (The Photocaptionist).
30/ 9 - 3pm Seen Fifteen

1–19 September 2017
17A Electric Ln
London SW9 8LA

8 September –1st October 2017
Seen Fifteen
Unit B1:1
Bussey Building
133 Rye Ln
London SE15 3SN

Images: James Newton/ Deniz Guzel / Richard Wills