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Polyptyque - Marseille Photography Fair

Contemporary Stories

27th August - 18th September

Image courtesy of Max Pinckers and Gallery Sofie Van der Velde.

For the third edition of Polyptyque, the Marseille contemporary photography fair, a new approach is being adopted. Under the artistic direction of Magali Avezou, Polyptyque will explore the current trends in photography with the Contemporary Stories exhibition that brings together ten international artists in collaboration with their European galleries. The fair will also be an opportunity to highlight the vibrant local arts scene by presenting the work of ten photographers from the Sud Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur region that have been shortlisted for the Polyptyque Award.

Clare Strand (Parrotta. Cologne) I Federico Clavarino (Viasaterna, Milan)/ Gloria Oyarzabal (Rocio Santa Cruz, Barcelona)/ Laurence Aegerter (Binome, Paris)/ Max Pinckers (Sofie Van de Velda, Antwerp)/ Pinar&Viola (Flatland, Amsterdam) / Rachel de Joode (Christophe Gaillard, Paris) / Sebastien Arrighi (Myo, Mougins) Thomas Mailaender (Michael Hoppen, London) / Victoria Marques Pinto (Black Box Projects, London)

The artists in the Contemporary Stories exhibition survey the current state of images while highlighting their influence on both our daily lives and the power of narrative in our understanding of the world. In some works, the "surreal" takes on a cathartic dimension as a response to the brutality of environmental awareness and the grip of technology on our daily lives. In other works, humour and irony allow a more distanced approach to current issues and events. The artists also use physical reality as a tool for interpreting contemporary society, through the representation of nature and bodies but also in the materiality of the works themselves with sculptures, tapestries, collages, installations.

26 and 38 rue de la République - 13001 Marseille - France
27th, from 6 to 9 pm
28th and 29th August: from 2 to 8 pm
1st to 18th September: 2 to 7 pm.