This workshop is directed to artists working with images who either have a project they want to make into a book or would like to conceive a new work in the form of a book.

We will see all the steps of devising a publication, from defining an idea to printing the book. In the process, we will play with the language of the pages to find the right narrative for your tale. And sometimes, the work will change considerably over these three sessions.

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Each day-long session will introduce key elements for the conception of a book, from devising an idea to researching related works; editing an image selection to building a narrative strategy; choosing a layout, a format, a paper to finding an imprint. Both conceptual and practical, this course aims at developing the participant's understanding of the medium, stimulating creative outbreak, and, creating a qualitative outcome.

Participants will present their ideas and develop the project until the completion of a printable version. The workshop will alternate group discussions and one-to-one tutorials. The time spread of the workshop will give space for developing ideas.
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The course is taught in English.

This workshop has been previously held at Photofusion (UK), Base (Italy), SiFest (Italy), and the University of the Creative Arts (UK), among others.

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The workshop will be led by Magali Avezou, founder of archipelago's project, a studio focussing on visual cultures and art publications. Magali is an Associate Lecturer at Istituto Europeo di Design (Italy) and Sciences Po (France). She regularly gives workshops on bookmaking, project development, and curation for universities, festivals, and galleries such as the Royal College of Arts, Instituto Marangoni, and Rencontres d’Arles. She contributes regularly to photography Magazines.

For any enquiry or to book a place, please dwrite to :

Workshop 2024 :
Friday 19 and 26th January, 2nd February.
10 am - 5 pm CET

3 days
8 Participants
€ 260