I Never Promised You a Rose Garden explored notions of  affects in contemporary communication. Are affects - love, care, intimacy - becoming motifs? How do we really relate to each other in the digital space? What is the relationship between technologies, capitalism and love?

In a time in which emotional signs overflow the public sphere, the exhibition looked at the relations between collective emotions and intimacy, physicality and digital, love and capitalism, marketing and romanticism.
These questions were explored through the dialogue between different levels of contents in space, from artworks to contemporary and classical books, essays to novels, music on vinyl to music on the Internet, artists on Instagram to artists’ books.

With :
Alessandro Calabrese
Ange Leccia
Brian Kuan Wood
Dora García
Jean-Philippe Toussaint
Joanne McNeil
Jocelyn Allen
Leah Clements
Lee Mackinnon
Minna Pöllänen

Materia Gallery / Minimum, Palermo, 2018.

Ange Leccia

Jocelyn Allen, Joanne Mc Neil, Ange Leccia, Leah Clements, Minna Pöllänen

Jocelyn Allen