Récits Contemporains
Centre Photographique Marseille

I Never Promised you a Rose Garden
Matèria / Minimum - Palermo

Flowers Gallery



The exhibition Récits Contemporains was curated on the occasion of Marseille Photography Fair, Polyptyque in 2021. The show explored current trends in photography through the works of 10 international artists.

Dealing with contemporary issues such as climate change, technologies, diversity and gender equality, the works also experimented with the photographic medium to testimony of the current state of images. Artists, in collaboration with their galeries, presented sculptures, installations, tapestries, videos, collages along photographic prints, displaying a survey of photography relationship with other mediums.

Clare Strand (Parrotta, Cologne)
Federico Clavarino (Viasaterna, Milan)
Gloria Oyarzabal (Rocio Santa Cruz, Barcelona)
Laurence Aëgerter (Binome, Paris)
Max Pinckers (Sofie Van de Velde, Antwerp)
Pinar & Viola (Flatland, Amsterdam)
Rachel de Joode (Christophe Gaillard, Paris)
Sébastien Arrighi (Myo, Mougins)
Thomas Mailaender (Michael Hoppen, London)
Victoria Marques-Pinto (Black Box Projects, London)

August - September 2021
Centre Photographique Marseille

Thomas Mailaender, Papiers Machés, 2021.
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Michael Hoppen (London). Credit Quentin Besson.
Laurence Aëgerter, Longo Maï (2013) and Moïra (2021). Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Binome (Paris). Credit Vost Photo.

Rachel de Joode, Arrangement on Pedestal (2015). Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Christophe Gaillard (Paris). Credit Quentin Besson.